Trending & Latest blouse designs catalogue 2019

An elegant blouse design can enhance the grace of even a simple plain nicely draped saree irrespective of the occasion.

Add a touch of glamour and style to your blouse with the perfect sleeves, some nice cuts, graceful back, and amazing front neck designs according to the cloth type and pattern. Here are some trendy latest blouse designs to complement your look.

67Sleeveless Embroidered Blouse With Teardrop Keyhole At The Back

One of the classic designs of all times is a teardrop keyhole at the back. It looks even more stunning with a boat neck and sleeveless pattern. Look how elegantly it compliments the embroidery pattern on the silk blouse.

66Full Sleeve Full Boat neck Contrasting Silk Blouse

No other fabric can compare the grace of silk. It looks traditional yet contemporary, feminine yet modern. Add a bold appeal to your silk saree with a full sleeve full boat neck contrasting silk blouse.

65Embroidered Inverted Curved V Back neck Designer Blouse

Highlight the embellishments and patterns of a south silk saree with an embroidered inverted curved V back neck and short sleeved designer blouse. Amplify the ethnic look of the beautifully draped saree with an equally stunning blouse design.

64Tear Drop String Back Neck With Short Sleeves

Another most favored and highly admired back neck design is a teardrop with string and short sleeves. Add a small golden border to redefine the curves and highlight the design on an otherwise plain blouse piece.

63High-collar Embroidered Flared Full Sleeves Blouse

Whether you are lean or have a curvy figure, a high collar flared full sleeved blouse always looks elegant. The embroidered pattern on the collar as well as sleeves further adds a glamorous appeal to the nicely draped saree.

62Double Oval Open Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

Look at this stylish blouse design with short sleeves, boat neck, and two oval cuts with buttons at the back. Embrace the royal look by teaming up this trendy blouse with silk, cotton, or chiffon saree.

61Gorgeous Flare Sleeved Embroidered Blouse

Espouse the look of a supermodel with a gorgeous flare sleeved embroidered blouse. Pair it up with a plain georgette saree. Embellish your look with a waistband and you are all good to go to steal the show.

60Deep V Single Button Open Back Design

Embrace a glamorous yet adorable look with this deep V single button open-back puffed sleeved designer blouse in silk. It can beautifully complement your printed or plain silk saree for a sheen impeccable appearance.

59Sheer Net Yolk Boat Deep Sweetheart Front Neck Design

How about pairing up a multicolored sheer net yolk boat deep sweetheart blouse with a plain embellished bordered saree? The look can simply steal the hearts wherever you go.

58Abstract Loop Open-Back Design

Uplift the grace of your sequin saree with an equally appealing abstract loop open back plain designer blouse with golden bead embellishments. Capture the attention of the event with a graceful appearance in a stunning blouse design.


57Mirror Embellished Cap Sleeved Horseshoe Necked Blouse

Stun everyone with the shine and grace of this mirror embellished cap sleeved horseshoe necked blouse. Add some bling to your designer couture with the mirror embellishments of this designer blouse.

56Spaghetti U Strapped Designer Blouse

Add a colorful spectrum to your designer blouse collection with a mirror embellished spaghetti U strapped designer blouse. Pair it up with a saree or a lehenga for an appealing modal appearance.

55Heavy Embroidered Inverted V Open Back Design

Shine like a style diva with this heavy embroidered inverted V open back sheer sleeved designer blouse. Add grace to your style by pairing up the blouse with your embroidered designer saree.

54Sleeveless Sheer Net Embroidered Back Blouse With Side Ribbon

Embrace a designer appeal with this sleeveless sheer net embroidered designer blouse with side ribbon. The elegant embroidery is adding an ultimate charm to the overall look of the blouse.

53Heavy Embroidered Deep Rectangle Blouse

Showcase your ultimate charm as a woman with this elegant heavy embroidered deep rectangle blouse. Pair it up with the right accessories to complement the impressive look.

52Spaghetti Strapped Low Neck Laced Blouse

Get bold and sensuous with this plain spaghetti strapped low-neck laced designer blouse. Proudly showcase your toned armed and create a statement with your glamorous appearance.

51Balcony Cut Sweetheart With Embroidered Waist Strap

Look at this gorgeous balcony cut sweetheart blouse with an embroidered waist strap. The embroidered strap is adding a glamorous appeal to the overall look of this elegant designer blouse.

50Horseshoe Necked Short Sleeved Mirror Embroidered Blouse

Adorn your beautiful silk, satin, and mirror worked sarees with this sensuous horseshoe necked short sleeved mirror embroidered blouse design. The hanging beaded embellishments are adding extra bling to the design.

49Extra Short Choli With Deep Curved V Front Neck Design

Gracefully flaunt your perfect abs and abdomen line through the deep curved V front neck of this stylish extra short silk choli. Drape your saree or lehenga a little low for some extra oomph.

48Heavy Embroidered Deep Sweetheart With Sheer Net Puffed Sleeves

Sheer net sleeves are always a charm to carry in any occasion. Add a glamorous look to your plain silk saree with this heavy embroidered deep sweetheart sheer net puffed sleeves blouse.

47Sleeveless Deep U Silk Embroidered Blouse

You can get a traditional yet modern look with a sleeveless deep U thread embroidered silk blouse. Wear it with silk, satin, cotton, chiffon or any fabric you prefer for a flawless appearance.

46Heavy Work Rectangle Neck Choli With Cap Sleeves

Carry this stunning heavy work rectangle neck choli with cap sleeves for an ultimate diva appearance. Look how beautifully the danglers over the sleeves are amplifying the overall look of the blouse.

45Silk Thread Heavy Embroidered Blouse With Waist Tassels

Are you looking for something different and trendy? How about this gorgeous silk thread heavy embroidered V neck blouse with long waist tassels? It will not only amplify the look of your saree but also stand you out in the crowd as a fashion diva.

44Heavy Embroidered Boat Neck Blouse With Flared Sleeves

Create a style statement with this heavy embroidered boat neck flared sleeved blouse. It not only looks elegant but also stands you apart from a more traditional look.

43Sleeveless Boat Neck Mirror Work Beaded Embroidered Blouse

Look at the adorable beaded embroidery with mirror work in this adorable sleeveless boat neck blouse. Its delicate artistry can complement any attire in silk, satin or chiffon.

42Pearl Embroidered Blouse With Asymmetrical Flared Sleeves

If you are looking for something perky, why not add an eccentric appeal with this pearl embroidered blouse having asymmetrical flared sleeves. Go unconventional and capture the attention on any occasion with this classy design.

41Tube Style Strapless Heavy Embroidered Blouse

Embrace a classy princess look with this glitzy tube style strapless heavy embroidered blouse. Pair it up with an equally sensuous saree to carry the bold look of a fashion diva.

40Embroidered Cap Sleeved Balcony Cut Sweetheart Short Choli

Embrace the look of a Bollywood diva with this cap-sleeved balcony cut sweetheart short choli. The heavy thread and pearl embroidery are adding a new dimension to the overall look of the blouse design.

39Laced Strapless Blouse With Draped Sleeves

Create a stunning visual appeal with this elegant laced strapless draped sleeved blouse. Look how beautifully the lace pattern aligns along the neckline to create a dramatic yet impressive design.

38Deep V Off Shoulder Heavy Embroidered Belted Blouse

Leave everyone spellbound with this super sensual deep V off shoulder heavy embroidered blouse. The embroidery details on the waist belt are adding a whole new dimension to the overall design.

37Full Embroidered Full Sleeved Round With Deep V Blouse

Blend traditional charm with modern grace by this contemporary full embroidered full sleeved round with deep V blouse. Get a royal look by teaming it up with perfect accessories and hairdo.

36Sweetheart Neck With Embroidered Short Sleeves

Your embroidery bordered saree will look even more stunning with a silk sweetheart neck blouse having embroidered sleeves. The detailed thread embroidery on the sleeves will perfectly complement your rustic appearance.

35Unique Asymmetrical Blouse Design

Surprise everyone with this unique asymmetrical full sleeved embroidered blouse. The design has some unconventional elements be it the uniquely placed teardrop opening, a V shape at the waist or the overlapping design pattern.

34One Side Embroidered Asymmetrical Neck Design

Stun everyone with a unique style statement by this one side embroidered short-sleeved asymmetrical neck design. You will hardly need any other design elements to complete the look.

33Thread Embroidered Printed High Collared Full Sleeved Blouse

Pair up your lightly embroidered sarees with this thread embroidered printed high collared full sleeved blouse. The soft pastel print with the elegant thread embroidery is creating a mesmerizing collocation of colors and design.

32Embroidered Sheer Sleeved Stand Up Collar With Round Neck Blouse

Include this stunning embroidered sheer sleeved stand up collar with round neck blouse into your designer collection. Pair it up with your silk embroidered saree for a flawless stylish appearance.

31Asymmetrical Neckline With Embroidery Details On the Shoulders Sleeves And Waist

Carry grace with style in this full sleeved blouse with an asymmetrical neckline. Redefine elegance with the embroidery details on the neckline, shoulders, sleeves, and waistline.

30Spaghetti Square Blouse With Fringes

Wear a modern style with this stunning spaghetti square blouse. The short fringes all over the design are adding extra bling and a sensuous appeal.

29Deep V Flared Short Sleeved Printed Blouse

Get a sober yet impressive look with this deep V flared short sleeved printed blouse. Combine it with any saree fabric from silk and cotton to chiffon and satin.

28Diamond Cut Open Back Buttoned Printed Blouse

Embrace an ethnic appeal with this gorgeous diamond cut open back buttoned printed blouse. It will look perfect on any cotton saree fabric whether printed or plain.

27Stylish Boat neck Backless Blouse With Embellished Straps

Go sensuous with this quirky boat neck backless blouse. The detailed embellishments on the straps are making it look even more glamorous and impressive.

26Simple Deep U Blouse With Embroidered Short Sleeves

This elegant deep U blouse with embroidered short sleeves is a go-to attire for any plain silk or cotton saree fabric. Embrace the grace for a more traditional yet gorgeous look.

25Sleeveless Short Choli Strapped Neck Blouse With Embellishments

Sleeveless blouses are never out of fashion. Grace your beautiful sarees by this elegant and stylish sleeveless short choli strapped neck blouse with embellishments over the neck.

24Collared keyhole printed blouse with short sleeves

A collared keyhole pattern is never out of date and looks even more elegant on a printed blouse over a plain saree. Complement the keyhole pattern with short sleeves to further amplify the design.

23Trendy backless blouse design

Whether you are a style diva or not, a trendy backless blouse with short sleeves is a must in your wardrobe. Wear it on a cocktail party or a wedding to add a dash of glamour and style to your appearance.

22Elegant cotton blouse with bell sleeves

If you are wearing a printed saree, nothing can complement it better than a plain designer blouse piece. Look how elegantly a plain blouse design pattern with bell sleeves can enhance the look of an otherwise ordinary looking printed saree.

21Backless back-ribbon blouse design

A backless blouse with back ribbon is always on top in the latest collection of designer clothing. You can pair it up with a plain or a printed saree to create dynamic looks. Complete your diva appearance with a nice back-ribbon backless blouse in silk and outshine better than ever.

20High collar blouse with trendy sleeves

Looking for a more comfy appearance? How about an embroidered high collar blouse with trendy 3/4th sleeves? The design pattern works well for literally any occasion as well as any type of saree whether embroidered, plain, or printed.

19Stylish printed blouse design with full boat neck and strings at the back

You can create an elegant look by combining a full boat neck with a stylish back design. Add a pair of strings and some contrasting beads to complete the dramatic appearance of your printed cotton blouse.

18Embroidered blouse with net sleeves and peter pan collar

Create a statement by an embroidered blouse with net sleeves and peter pan collar. The design will grace any heavy or light embroidered saree draped beautifully to create a majestic appearance.

17Stylish open-back design with 3/4th sleeves

Impress the audience with a flamboyant appeal by a stylish open-back blouse design having 3/4th sleeves. Pair up the blouse design with a fully printed saree or an embroidered one.

16Plain rectangle neck blouse with short bell sleeves in net

Whether you are wearing a plain saree or a printed one, a plain blouse with square neck always does the trick of creating a flawless appearance. Further, enhance your blouse design with bell sleeves in net.

15Printed blouse with deep U and fringed details

No matter what the season or occasion, a printed blouse is never out of trend. Simply enhance your style by adding a fringed detail to your simple deep U back neck design and short sleeves.

14Spaghetti U Fully Embroidered Blouse Design

Who says spaghetti designs are meant for only western wear? In fact, spaghetti blouse designs are new trendsetters for the fashion divas. Create a ravishing look for your saree with a spaghetti U fully embroidered blouse design.

13Plain backless sleeveless blouse with a back bow

Add an exclusive plain backless sleeveless blouse with a back bow to your elegant collection. The style looks graceful on any fabric from silk and chiffon to cotton and net.

12Stylish Halter Neck Blouse Design

Grace your heavy embroidered sarees with a stylish halter neck blouse design. Check out the design in the picture. See how beautifully it hangs around the neck and the shoulders to create a perfect diva appearance.

11Latest Back Neck In Cotton Silk

Amplify your style dynamics with this stylish back neck blouse design in cotton silk. This sleeveless blouse is amongst the top trending designs you can pick any time for any occasion.

10Embroidered Full-sleeved Silk Blouse With Boat Neck

A saree in silk is a must have for any fashionista and you can perfectly complement it with an embroidered full-sleeved blouse with boat neck. The embroidery on the neck and sleeves beautifully enhance the grace of the attire.

9Sheer Net Yolk Boat With Partly Sheer Short Sleeves

You can perfectly complement the printed pattern of your blouse with a sheer net yolk boat neck design. Add a more graceful appearance with partly sheer net short sleeves to complete the look.

8Cape Style Blouse Design

A recent trend from Bollywood is the flowy cape style blouse design for an adorable dreamy appeal. Create an interesting impression with beautiful embroidered net capes. Wear them with silk, chiffon, net, satin or any other fabric saree.

7Embroidered Net Blouse with long sleeves

Create a majestic impression with this elegant embroidered sheer back and long sleeves blouse design. Its sheer appearance creates a sober look with an oomph factor for a dramatic appeal.

6Heavy Embroidered Back Design Blouses

These elegant heavy embroidered back design blouses indeed add an ethereal appeal to your overall appearance. Steal the attention on any occasion with this adorable heavy embroidered blouse design.

5Latest Net Blouse Design With Sheer Sleeves

Sheer sleeves are a must-have design style for every woman. They are trendy, classy, and appealing any time of the year. Embrace the trend with this adorable blouse design for cotton, silk, or chiffon saree fabric.

4Gorgeous Back ribbon backless blouse design

A gorgeous backless back ribbon blouse design is an elegant way to add a dash of style to your wardrobe collection. Complement the back design with a boat neck in front and short sleeves.

3Simple Leaf Sweetheart With Long Sleeves

You can carry the elegance of a saree simply in an adorable leaf front neck sweetheart blouse with long sleeves. Stitch it in print and pair it up with any saree fabric whether plain or printed.

2Gorgeous Backless Design

Enhance the grace of any saree fabric with this beautiful embroidered backless blouse design. It can complement any attire from plain silk saree to a chiffon printed fabric.

1Sleeveless Sheer Net Yoke Boat Blouse Design With Deep Back

Add a dose of glamour and style to an otherwise simple saree with an elegant sleeveless sheer net yolk boat blouse with a deep back neck.